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High School Staff


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High School Staff

 Traci Batye                       Paraprofessional                       tbatye@northwestern.k12.mo.us

  Nyle Bowyer                 Technology Support (1/2 time)    nbowyer@northwestern.k12.mo.us

 Kerrigann Calvert            Science                                       kcalvert@northwestern.k12.mo.us

 Mary Cupp                     Family & Consumer Science       mcupp@northwestern.k12.mo.us

 Lynae Enderle              Art                                                  lenderle@northwestern.k12.mo.us

 Amy Gardner                High School English                    agardner@northwestern.k12.mo.us

 Clarice Gladbach         Library Clerk                                   cgladbach@northwestern.k12.mo.us

 Julie Gundy                  H.S. Math & ACT Prep                    jgundy@northwestern.k12.mo.us

 Allie Hayes                  Paraprofessional                             ahayes@northwestern.k12.mo.us

 Michael Kahn              Physical Education                          mkahn@northwestern.k12.mo.us   

​​ Connie Martin              Vocal/Instrumental Music (1/2 time)     cmartin@northwestern.k12.mo.us                   

 Paige Martin                School Counselor & A+ Program    pmartin@northwestern.k12.mo.us

 Alyssa Mauzey            Business Education                         amauzey@northwestern.k12.mo.us

 Andrew McCampbell    Paraprofessional                             anmccampbell@northwestern.k12.mo.us

 Phyllis McCollum         7-12 Special Education                    pmccollum@northwestern.k12.mo.us

 Chad Monnig               Vocational Agricultural                     cmonnig@northwestern.k12.mo.us

 Marcy Montgomery     Junior High Math & English              mmontgomery@northwestern.k12.mo.us

 Heather Staddie          Librarian                                            hstaddie@northwestern.k12.mo.us

 Sarah Willis                 Social Studies                                    swillis@northwestern.k12.mo.us

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